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Collecting Dinosaurs  ·  Czech painter and paleoartist Zdenek Burian has made hundreds of brilliant paintings of dinosaurs and prehistoric landscapes, imagining a world known to us only by fossils and stones. His work was a source of inspiration for Steven Spielberg while making Jurassic Park (the all-time favourite movie of eight year old Johnny). It took several weeks of correspondence between Prague and Amsterdam to arrange the copyright, but we're really happy that Burian's grandson granted us the permission to use 'Mesozoic Landscape' (1952) for the cover of Johnny's very first album Collecting Dinosaurs.


All music written, arranged and published by Joost Abbel. A big shout out to all the musicians who contributed to this record: Gijs Anders van Straalen (drums, percussion), Merlijn Verboom (guitar, synthesizer, vocals), Robert Koomen (bass guitar), Thomas Geerts (trumpet), Jarno van Es (Wurlitzer), Margot Merah (vocals, blues harp) and Sophie Janna (vocals ). Engineered, recorded and mixed by Merlijn Verboom at De Projectiekamer. Produced by Merlijn Verboom and Joost Abbel. Mastered by Attie Bauw at Bauwhaus. Graphic Design by Studio Hudson. Cover image by Zdenek Burian, courtesy of


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