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What the press has to say about the songs on Johnny’s debut album Collecting Dinosaurs:


“✶✶✶✶ – Johnny has delivered a great album [...] He processes the influences of traditional folk, country and indie in a unique way, the 11 tracks are all little gold nuggets.


Keys and Chords (Belgium)


Is there a hint that love is like a jump into the unknown, with the risk of being buffeted and bruised?


Americana UK (United Kingdom)


A warm piece of Americana-infused indie-folk music [...] Really enjoying his rich, expressive vocals and how they soar over the intricate acoustic guitar riffs that are effortlessly intertwined with steady percussion and create a warm and intimate atmosphere for his storytelling to soar [...] a laid-back atmosphere perfect for a relaxing weekend!


Caesar Live N Loud (Portugal)


Een puur en ongepolijst geluid [...] Zeer fraai album met eerlijke en mooie nummers.


Maxazine / Barn Owl Blues (the Netherlands)


De instrumentale titelsong – een geweldige melodie, zou niet misstaan op een Ry Cooder-soundtrack [...] een geweldige plaat van een kerel van wie we dachten de veelzijdigheid al te kennen. Niet dus: Johnny is nog pakken getalenteerder dan we al wisten.


Rootstime (Belgium)


“Catch yourself swaying to the languid acoustic rockabilly riffs of Down the Aisle [..] Johnny’s voice feels familiar as it’s hugged in a chorus of gentle harmonies. His words make him sound like a soulful lover, ready to embrace his partner for life.”


Unxigned (The Philippines / United States)


Een ongegeneerd eigen geluid met rafeltjes, randjes, experimenten [...] Uitermate ingetogen en schoonheid verbeeldend.


Real Roots Café (the Netherlands)


The classic composition here is definitely Americana. Everything from the smoky tone on the lead vocal to the brushes on the snare feel like they come from the mid 20th century [...] A love song with a nice swing.


Ear To The Ground Music (United States)


Prachtige debuutalbum [...] Eén van m’n favoriete nummers is ‘All I Know’, een nummer waarbij de intensiteit te vergelijken is met Leonard Cohen.


Rootsville (Belgium)


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Johnny & the Dinosaurs

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